Our Mission

Harvest Moon Produce is a family owned  and operated farm, based just outside the quaint town of Dolores, Colorado. Living in this area opened our eyes to the socioeconomic factors that can hinder one’s ability to access healthy food sources. Our solution was simple. Using environmentally sound production techniques, alongside two high tunnels for season extension and pest reduction services, our family could grow produce at a reasonable rate for local families. We strive to provide the four corners’ community with fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables, in every season!

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Where to Buy

Current Locations to Find Our Fresh Produce

Harvest Moon Produce

Produce Dolores, CO

We offer on location pickup of produce as well as Saturday delivery. We are Conveniently located between Dolores, CO and Cortez, CO. You can expect to find fresh; Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Turnips, Cucumbers, Squash, Zucchini, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Head Lettuce and a wide variety of Flowers including Lavender.

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South West Farm Fresh Cooperative

Buy Produce Dolores

Our produce is included in the South West Farm Fresh Cooperative. If you sign up for the current seasons harvest share, you will certainly receive some of our produce. Last year we provided the Cooperative with Tomatoes, lettuce, Beans, Peas, Cucumbers, and Strawberries.

Meet Your Farmers


Hello there!

We appreciate your interest in our business. My name is Emily Adie, and while a customer may meet me on the fields most days,  my husband Dan and two children are always hard at work close by. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to pursue my passion for growing food.

Originally from Montana and Minnesota, Danny and I went looking for warmer weather and better job opportunities, which landed us here in Dolores, Colorado. Before I finished my degree in Environmental Studies, I was given the opportunity as a garden intern at Hesperus’s Old Fort, and later hired as the Market Garden Assistant Manager. It was here that Beth (Coordinator) and Elicia (Manager) encouraged me to  explore farming as a full time career.  We quickly took their advice and in 2017 my husband and I purchased a small  3 acre farm. 

With 8 years of combined experience, we are committed to bringing you a wide variety or nutritious and delicious food products. 


2019 a Season in Pictures

We wish we had more pictures to share, as we are all aware when really cool things are happening usually taking out a phone to take a picture doesn’t dawn on everyone. Here are our 2019 pictures laid out in close progression of how the season unfolded and of our awesome produce.