Meet Your Farmers


Hello there!

We appreciate your interest in our business. My name is Emily Adie, and while a customer may meet me on the fields most days,  my husband Dan and two children are always hard at work close by. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to pursue my passion for growing food.

Originally from Montana and Minnesota, Danny and I went looking for warmer weather and better job opportunities, which landed us here in Dolores, Colorado. Before I finished my degree in Environmental Studies, I was given the opportunity as a garden intern at Hesperus’s Old Fort, and later hired as the Market Garden Assistant Manager. It was here that Beth (Coordinator) and Elicia (Manager) encouraged me to  explore farming as a full time career.  We quickly took their advice and in 2017 my husband and I purchased a small  3 acre farm. 

With 8 years of combined experience, we are committed to bringing you a wide variety or nutritious and delicious food products.